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Web Development    03 Jan 2023

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9 most common types of websites : Web Development Course

Creating a website is the best way to show your digital presence on the internet. to create a website every web developer should know about the types of websites that exist currently.

Web developers have considered the question of "what makes a good website?" for centuries. However, given the current state of internet technology, 10 common types of websites should be considered for any corporate company or E-Commerce business. 

In this blog, we will look at these 10 most common types of websites.

  1. Blogging website
  2. Personal use website
  3. Membership use website
  4. Portfolio use website
  5. E-commerce & shop website
  6. Educational use websit
  7. Non for profit use website
  8. Event website
  9. Online forum

After selecting, which type of website you want to make you can go to the next step.

1. Blogging website

In the current world, people are very much interested in knowing about new things, and for that, they search on the internet. They search for new things on the internet and find different information which is related to their interest. 

So, for that, to provide information about the new product, new services, new ideas, etc. blogging is used. Blogging is the latest and most popular form of communication on the internet. 

In blogging, you can share different ideas, information, and knowledge with your friends, family, and other people on the internet. 

you can also earn money by using blogging like affiliate links or working with advertising people.

As a blogger, you can express your opinions and views regarding a particular topic and share them with your friends. Blogging is very useful for the promotion of your product or services.

2. Personal website

A personal website is a website, which is related to a person or business. It may be a personal homepage, an about me page, a blog, or another profile of a person. 

Personal websites are hosted on either a personal domain or a free service such as Blogger or WordPress.com. A personal website may be created by the owner of the domain and may be static or include a blog, photo gallery, or other features. 

A personal website is the best way to show your individuality, hobbies, and your interest also.

Some celebrities, politicians, or business leaders may also have a personal website. A personal website is also commonly called a "vanity site", a term that is derived from the vanity card in the theater.

So the question is how to make it, you can make it on a free service like WordPress or blogger.com

you can start with free templates and also use plugins that help to build the website easier.

3. Membership website

Membership sites are websites where the owner of the website charges a fee for access to some kind of information or products. Membership sites are often used to create a private group of people with similar interests. Membership sites are also great for b2b businesses.

 For example, if a business has a product that is worth $1,000, and they can get 1,000 business owners to pay $50 for access to their product, the business will have a total of $50,000.

A membership site is like a regular website, but it usually has one or more exclusive access or restricted information. you can create a website that might even be used as an online store where only members can access and purchase. 

Creating a membership website is a good way to build an online community and generate income. 

The membership site offers a lot of flexibility in terms of options for your website and you can customize it to your needs. 

This website is a website where the visitor can create a membership account in exchange for free access to certain content. 

Membership websites can be used in many ways. 

Sites where you can read articles, sites where you can play games, sites where you can participate in discussions and share your experience, sites where you can download software, sites where you can download themes for your WordPress site, and many more.

4. Portfolio website

A portfolio website is a website that showcases your work and experience. A portfolio site is a website that includes the work of an individual, group, or institution.

And if you are a designer, you need to have a portfolio website. A portfolio website is basically a collection of your works, services, and experience. 

It will basically be a website that details everything about you, your skills, and how you can help other businesses. Now, what you need to create a portfolio website is a WordPress website. After you have your WordPress website, you will need to install the WPtouch Pro plugin. 

This is a plugin that will give your WordPress website a very professional look.

It is a site that displays a person's or organization's work or accomplishments, for potential clients to review. 

Portfolio sites are often very important to those who wish to present themselves to the public, such as those seeking a job in design or the arts.

5. E-commerce and shop website

E-commerce means we can buy and sell products and services online. An e-commerce website is easy to set up and can make it easier to sell products online. But if you're thinking of creating an online shop website, you need to think about a few things. 

 It can be your own business or a business you’re running for someone else. You can use an e-commerce website to sell your own products or to sell other people's products to someone else.

The most popular E-commerce online shopping sites are Amazon and eBay.

You can create this website in WordPress using different types of plugins, firstly you need to try to make a website before making it for a client.

6. Education website

 An education website basically acts as an interactive platform to help users get to know about the educational institutes and the available courses at each institute. This website should allow the user to find the right institute for their career, and it should also provide them with information about the courses and the cost of each course. 

Many education websites have been created by people who aren't designers and programmers. If you don’t have a background in design or programming, a lot of educational websites look really bad.

To help all of the people who are interested in creating their own education website, you can start with WordPress, blogger, and Wix platforms. they are free to use.

There are also many apps to create an educational website on the play store, you can start with them also.

If you create an educational website then you should definitely submit an XML sitemap so that crawler 

can easily crawl and index your website.

There are many benefits of XML sitemaps in Search Engine Optimization:

XML sitemap is an easy way of sending an XML file to the search engine. The sitemap is an important component of SEO strategy that allows you to inform search engines about pages on your website. 

Sitemap helps search engines to find and index all the pages of your website. It is a file that contains information regarding the pages of your website. 

You can create an XML sitemap on your own or use third-party software to create it. The latter is more recommended as it is simpler and faster.

7. Non-profit use website

A non-profit use website is a type of website that is used for non-profit purposes. It is a group or a legal entity that does not distribute its surplus income to its members and is dedicated to social, cultural, and/or environmental goals.

 A non-profit organization is a type of corporation that is usually run by a group of people who have a common interest or cause. The non-profit organization is also known as a Non-governmental organization, or NGO, as they don't have any governmental affiliation. 


A non-profit use website may be created for social work and satisfaction for other organizations or the public.

8. Event website

An event website is a website that helps in promoting and organize any type of event. It is an interactive site that helps in promoting the event and also helps in providing information about the event. 

An Event Website is quite different from a regular website. The reason is that event websites are designed for a short period and it is not focused on the content but on the event and the things happening around it. 

It is an online platform for the people who are going to attend the event. It is the best way to communicate with people on the go. It's like a public relations tool that's used to promote the event and is a powerful marketing tool. 

It can be created for free and it provides a platform for people to get information about the event and register themselves for it. 

Since it is not a regular website, it is not like a website that will be there for years to come, but rather it is built for a specific event. The best part about the Event website is that it is absolutely free.

9. Online forum

An online forum is a discussion site or platform where people talk about issues, discuss them, and debate them. 

Online forums are generally used to discuss a wide range of topics. These topics are mostly related to politics, the economy, technology, sports, movies, and another hot topic.

You can also take the help of google to make a forum for your website 

you can start with the Wix website to create forums for discussion by simply filling in the content and choosing a theme

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